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Keeping the Power On: Utility Bills in Bankruptcy

It is probably no surprise that my clients sometimes are struggling with their utility bills.  A New England winter (particularly this past one) can cause even those of us not in financial crisis to stress over the cost of heating our homes.  For those already struggling with medical bills, credit card debt or an out of control mortgage…Continue Reading

Fees! Fees! Fees! Bankruptcy is getting more expensive!

One of the questions I often hear from people — typically, not my clients actually, but from people who ask about what I do — is “how do people pay an attorney, when they are bankrupt?” Admittedly, it is often a challenge. I am somewhat in control of what I charge — though I need to…Continue Reading

Why I’m Proud to Represent Debtors in Bankruptcy

People often ask me why I do what I do.  Why I am a bankruptcy attorney. Why I focus my practice on the representation of individuals, families and small businesses struggling with debts.  Admittedly, it’s not typically my clients who ask, but the other lawyers I see at the seminars, cocktail parties and rubber chicken…Continue Reading

Mortgages in Bankruptcy

It happens all the time.  People come into my office and sit down and the first thing they ask is what will happen to their house if they file for bankruptcy. Chalk it up to another example of the myths and misinformation that persist about bankruptcy.  I have so many people — lawyers even — that seem to…Continue Reading

Cell Phones in Bankruptcy

I have recently had a number of people ask me whether they can keep their cell phone when they file bankruptcy.  My quick answer is, “sure you can keep it, as long as we can exempt it!”  But then I typically start to wonder, is that really what my client meant?  The real question I should…Continue Reading

When should you talk to a bankruptcy lawyer?

Over the years I’ve noticed one consistent theme among the people who sit down in my office to talk about the their options in dealing with their debt:  they almost all wait way too long to call me.   Far too many people struggle for far too long with their unmanageable debts, before ever doing…Continue Reading

The Discharge in Bankruptcy

Recently, I have had a number potential clients call to ask me whether it is legal for a creditor to exercise a lien after a discharge in bankruptcy.  The gut response to anything related to the idea of whether a creditor can take something from you after discharge is a resounding, “NO WAY!”  However, the…Continue Reading

Recording Title Means Something in Bankruptcy

Whenever I meet with clients I begin my inquiry not by getting a firm grasp of their unsecured debts, but by trying to understand just what the client owns – even if ownership is somewhat in doubt.  Bankruptcy — and personal bankruptcy in particular — is all about allowing a person to shed those bad and unsecured…Continue Reading

The “Bankruptcy Estate”

A big challenge for me, and I suspect for all lawyers, is to be cautious when using “our language” with unsuspecting clients.  At every consultation I am careful to define things like “automatic stay” and “discharge”.  Still, there are some terms I will throw around without thinking twice.  Recently I noticed a client’s quizzical look…Continue Reading

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